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Producing galmour photography and adult website content.

About Me

My name is Paul Batterbury, I am a British born photographer working in and around the Europe (which still includes the UK). I have been shooting photography since 2004, I also own my own Rotten Banana Media, which is a multimedia company which is responsible for producing much of my recent work. I am something of a geek / nerd but I spend most of my time now behind the camera and not in front of a computer.

You can find me shooting photography or videography in the UK, France and Spain mainly, but I am hoping to expand beyond those boarders. I keep a low profile on-line due to working most of the time and you should only find me on my website or listed on the best way to make contact with me is usual via twitter.

I have worked for several websites over the year, in the UK, EU and North America. I now run my own small media company Rotten Banana Media, which is a multimedia company as I find myself these days also videoing and preparing content in different formats for different platforms. I do not hide the fact, that I am some of a geek.

I do keep a low profile on-line, mainly because I am working most of the time, you can find me on, Twitter or contact with via email.


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