Intermedia Associates
Photography, Video,
Production and Editing.


Shooting and producing photography and video since 2004, gaining the working skills and experience along the way, having been influenced while studying multi-media at university, it was never planned, it has been enjoyable and seems to come naturally.

There is a requirement for adaptability within work. Technology, cultural trends and working ethics can often surge ahead before legal guidelines are put in place. Having a strong moral compass and investigation is something that keeps work interesting and presents a learning challenge and rewarding experience.

More recently in terms of the multimedia side of the business, a studied into the use of Standard Diffusion and Deepfake has taken place. The Law regarding Deepfake are now in development, as are guidelines to machine learning artwork, so that these tools are not used for abusive purposes. However, time has been taken to familiarise with both these areas of using machine learning within multimedia.

Since the UK has now left the EU, work has continued, with shooting and producing video in Prague and Budapest. New content production in Eastern Europe has allowed for more diversity within models and performers, it has also introduced us to new talent that is unavailable in the UK. Post shoot development has changed, Adobe Photoshop for retouching and photo editing is still used, however a switch to Davinci Resolve for video work has made for a great improvement in workflow.

More machine learning tools are used within work now, as it has been incorporated in elements of Adobe Photoshop. Using Topaz for several years it has allowed video upscaling from standard definition to High and ultra-high (4K UHD), and more recently auto colour correction in Davinci which has improved working time on turning around projects.


Photography Experience