Always Learning...

Photography Experience

It all started with glamour photography.

With over 20 years of experience in glamour photography, and as something that is highly enjoyable to be able to do. At one time glamour photography was my main profession. It was where I learned my photography and lighting skills and being able to work inside and outside of a studio, with natural and strobe lighting. Glamour photography allowed me freedom of creativity within my work.

Since 2010, there has been more involvement with the Adult Industry, both in the EU and North America. Shoots first took place in France at our studio, but as demand increased, shoots would take place on location in Prague or Budapest. A requirement for new skills with video and video editing was filled, often you may find that clients videos are having a few finishing touches done to them before they are published on-line.

Video production and editing has become a stable part of photography.

In the addition to above, content management is also part of the job, working with Dark Reach LLC in the United States we jointly manage over 80 websites for studios, productions, and models. If you are an Adult Industry professional who is seeking to open a subscription website service, then please talk to us at Darkreach, or contact me and I will pass you on.


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